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Suffering from allergies?... sneezing, skin rashes, wheezing, food reactions, runny nose? Our high percentage of happy patients indicates... We can help!


PA Allergy Relief uses an advanced laser allergy system (ASA™) that combines the benefits of bio feedback and Laser acupuncture. This technology combined with digestive immune support has shown to be an effective and painless option for both adults and children.


What is an Allergy?

Allergies are nothing more than inappropriate responses to something harmless. Allergies are an error in the immune system. Your body sees an ordinary substance as foreign and reacts to it, sending you into an allergic reaction involving any body system, organ or tissue. According to the Mayo Clinic. your immune system makes antibodies that identify your particular allergen as something harmful, even though it isn't. When you come into contact with the allergen, your immune system's reaction inflames your skin, sinuses, airways or digestive system. What's worse is now a new association is turned into an ingrained pathway in your nervous system which will associate that substance as a foreign object from there on out. It is a substance/association error that is made and learned by your nervous system.


Is there a Connection between Improper Digestion, your Immune System and Allergies?


In most cases yes! Allergies are considered to be an immune system error. Eighty percent of your immune system is related to your digestive system.




Digestive problems are often the underlying factor that leads to the development of delayed allergies and respiratory distress. Many children and adults have excessively 'leaky' digestive tracts, which means that partially undigested proteins enter the bloodstream and cause the body to react. So, identifying and ASA Balancing what your child is reacting to is one half of the equation. The other half is improving the health of their digestion through the removal of infectious agents, heavy metals/halogens while replacing specific enzymes and probiotics to aid digestion and restore proper bowel flora to optimize colon function.


What is the ASA™ Balance Laser Allergy Relief System?

The ASA™ Balance Laser Allergy System is a holistic alternative for reducing stresses in the body including allergies and other inflammation conditions. This advanced technology provides an effective, fast, and painless procedure (without needles or drugs) for addressing all kinds of allergies.




Our Goals with ASA™…

  • Reduce Inflammation

  • Clear Cellular Memory

  • Balance the Body

The system is designed to help patients suffering from:

  • Pet Allergies (cats, dogs, horses and rabbits)

  • Environmental Allergies (dust, mold, mildew, perfumes, metals, pollutants and chemicals)

  • Seasonal Allergies (grasses, trees, flowers, pollen)

  • Food Allergies (gluten, yeast, dairy, wheat, sugar, tomato, fruits, nuts)

  • Internal Allergies (acids, enzymes, digestive hormones)

  • Skin Conditions (Eczema, psoriasis, rashes)

  • Digestive Disorders (acid reflux, bloating, irritable bowel syndrome, GERD, Chrons)

  • Respiratory Disorders (asthma, rhinitis, sinus issues, allergic bronchial cough)

And even chronic conditions such as Migraines, ADD/ADHD, Autism, Fibromyalgia and much more.


What does the ASA™ Balance Laser System balance and will it help me?

The ASA™ Balance system scans over 100,000 different points of interest including your organs, endocrine system, nervous system, digestion, hormones, heavy metals, pesticides to name a few. Essentially your whole body is scanned in relation to any allergens or metabolic sensitivities you may have.



Sneezing, wheezing, food reactions, runny nose? WE CAN HELP! The ASA™ Balance System is safe, effective, and a painless option for both adults and children.

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I've Tried Everything


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'My son and I found Dr. Stein through Groupon...I would take Zyrtec, Flonase and eye drops daily... I now rarely take meds.. attribute the difference to laser therapy. This is supposed to be the worst allergy spring in years and I am barely affected!" - Laura W


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